Comparison & Contrast of Two Friends in Two Separate Novels

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Burnett, Christian
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10 May, 2012
Comparison & Contrast of Two Friends in Two Separate Novels Friendship is the basis of the two main characters in the novels “Of Mice and Men”, and
“The Chosen”. The relationships of the friends have major differences between each other.
However, there are some similarities as well. When comparing and contrasting the relationships of the friends it will give you an idea of how the characters interact with one another, and the similar outcomes that resulted from them being in one another’s lives. Word of what the characters have in common, the contrast of their reliability, mental illnesses, and common goals each had planned in their near future. In the end there was freedom discovered by the two main characters and this was only possible by the help of their friend.

Both of the characters in each novel are longtime friends, some since their younger days.
The story of Danny and Reuven takes place in the city of Brooklyn, where we meet George and Lennie is in a California farming country. Danny and Reuven meet under unmanageable circumstances, after
Reuven is hit with a baseball by Danny, injuring Reuven’s eye during a baseball game. Danny wants to make amends and goes to see Reuven in the hospital, where they began their friendship, even though they may have lived five blocks away from each other as children (SparkNotes Editors). Another common similarity of the characters in “The Chosen” is they both are Jewish, although Danny is a
Hasidic Jew, and Reuven is part of a less traditional style Judaism. Both have fathers who are leaders of the temple and both have deep seeded tradition in their faith and lifestyle.

The novel “Of Mice and Men” presents you to George and Lennie who are very dissimilar from

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