Comparison Contrast:Fracture

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Comparison Contrast: Fracture “Look closely enough and you’ll find that everything has a weak spot where it can break sooner or later.” Ted Crawford, the antagonist in the film Fracture, fancies himself as someone who can find that weak spot in anyone or anything. The “anyone” in this case is Will Beachum, the attorney trying to convict Ted of killing his wife. Ted’s only problem is that he can’t see his own weak spot. He shares a fatal flaw with Willy. Both characters arrogance clouds their judgment and leads to them make colossal mistakes. Although Ted and Willy both possess this flaw, Willy has the advantage because his arrogance is not as ingrained in him like it is in Ted. Willy can still learn from his mistakes and change, but Ted is so entrenched in his arrogance, he going to the grave exactly the way he is. Confidence can be the foundation to success. It has the ability to get a person to very high places in this world but when confidence turns into arrogance, it can also be the foundation of failure. Both Willy and Ted are extremely arrogant characters. When Ted first walks into the courtroom and says he wants to represent himself in the trial, there is not a shred of worry or doubt in his voice or body language. He believes he has committed the perfect crime, and he is just the person to get himself out of it. Willy walks into what he thinks is an open and shut case without any doubt either. Both characters are much too confident in themselves and it leads to them underestimating their opponent. As a result, both characters end up paying for it. Both characters are manipulators of the legal system in different ways. Willy has a 97% conviction rate, but the only reason this is true is because he pawns off the cases he knows he could not win on other attorneys. He is much more interested in maintaining his near perfect record than he
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