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Life and Times of Michael K written by J.M. Coetzee and The Road by Cormac McCarthy have one main aspect in common, which is the theme of war. War is present in both books but it is applied in different ways. In Life and Times of Michael K there is an actual civil war going on that is terrorizing the society while in The Road the war is mainly about people against people. Although different in type most of the effects that occur on the society are the same. The protagonists in the two books are mostly the same, they hid, starve. The two books have the theme of war present throughout the pages while the forms are different they give of the same effect, this is seen through the use of diction and imagery. In both books there is a negative factor by which the protagonist is chased throughout the novel. In Michael K the protagonist is chased by several things, such as people and an environment. Michael K along his journey besides his goal to get to Prince Albert is also running away from all the commotion of the war that is happening throughout the land. He leaves from his home in Cape Town due to a band of protester plundering the house. “There was a burst of fire from a machine-pistol, and from behind there barricade of cars answering shots.” (pg. 12). This is the environment of the war that makes him want to leave to a more peaceful life. Later on after his mother dies Michael K has only on desire, to be left alone in peace, but the effects of war always catch up with him. "You get a choice and you choose Jakkalsdrif. Because we are not going to have people wandering around being a nuisance." (pg. 126). This is after he leaves the grandson he tries to escape the current society that is controlled by the war but is always dragged back in. In The Road there is a different kind of war, the war is between the “the good guys” and “the bad guys”. This war is mainly fought

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