Comparison-Contrast Essay

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Keyenda Weaver English 101 Mr. Buttner Comparison-Contrast January 18, 2011 Rich-vs.-Poor There are issues in the world today with the rich and poor people. They have similar and different characteristics to how they see each other. The rich people think they are better and have more than the poor people. Even though they are different in race and gender, they all are human beings. They all live on the planet earth and they all go through the situations such as dealing with stress. Stress is an issue they all go through at some point of their lives; whether it’s dealing with drugs, relationships, jobs, or family. Rich people are often seen as big heads while the poor people are seen as nobodies. The way some rich people carry themselves you would think, they do not like being associated with poor people at all. Poor people do not care who they are around and who they are seen with. All rich people like their friends to have money and be on their level. They do not like for one to have more money than the other. The poor people do not care what level they are on even though some may have a little more than the other may. The rich people often have better education than the poor people because they can afford it. They are able to pay their own way through college and their children way while the poor people apply for financial aid and student loans. The poor people struggle through their years in college trying to maintain and stay in college. The rich people children don’t have to work while attending college. In the meantime the poor people children have to work while going to college. Having to work two jobs can cause them to become stressed out. The rich people celebrate special occasions by going out to eat at expensive restaurants; sometimes they go out to eat just to do something. The poor people can barely go out to eat for any reason. As bad as

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