Comparison Between Wagner and Verdi

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Comparison between verdi and wagner Verdi and Wagner are both famous composers in romantic era. They had made huge contribution to development of music drama and opera. Their diversities in terms of their cultural background and life have resulted significant difference in terms of their works, styles, and harmonic language etc. However, they still have certain styles and ideas in common. Giuseppe verdi (1813-1901) is an italian composer. His first opera Oberto was performed in 1939 and won fair success. In the middle of his career, he has given up composing due to several psychological impacts from deaths of his wife and kids. He was recognized as the Italian national hero, because he has supported independence of Italy. He has sat in Chamber of Deputies of Italy for couple of years. Richard Wagner (1813-1883) was born in Germany. He has composed his first work Die Feen at age of 20, but it has never been performed during his lifetime. He has been appointed conductor of the King of Saxony after performance of Rienzi. He also wrote important literary works in his life, and his music dramas Die meistersinger von Nibelung, The Ring of The Nibelung, Tristan und Isolde were performed at last. Verdi is mainly a composer of Italian operas. He has composed 28 Italian Operas, and he has found a suitable librettist Francesco Maria Piave for Rigoletto, Macbeth, La traviata etc. Many of his great works are produced based on Shakespeare's plays, include Macbeth, Otello, Falstaff etc. His works Rigoletto and La traviata are derived from Victor Hugo's drama and Alexandre Duma's play. His works are passionate and are based on human emotions such as love, hatred, happiness etc. They have been recognized as symbol of nationalism of his home country. In comparison, Wagner has composed 13 German Operas. He has adapted mythology, folk legends, and German Medieval epics,

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