Comparison Between The Taino Civilization And Mayan Civilization

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Unlike the Mayas, who built their civilization on mainland territories, the Tainos developed their homes mainly on islands like Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Haiti, and Trinidad. These brown-skinned people were the first to see the Spaniard’s arrival in the New World. The Mayan political system was very rigid and stratified. Each Mayan city-state was ruled by the halach unic- the ‘true man’ or ‘real man’. He was not only their political head but he also had military and religious roles in the Mayan society. His position was hereditary. If he did not have a son, one of his brothers would be elected as his successor. The halach unic was always male. He was a symbol of authority to Mayas. In order for him to be recognized as the halach unic, he wore a magnificent and elaborate headdress. He married one woman but had many concubines. Below the halach unic were the batabobs- hatchet men. They had to carry out the commands of the chief (_halach unic_). They had judicial and military functions. The batabobs were usually related to the halach unic. The third section of Mayas on the political system was the war captains or nacoms. These led the warriors onto the battlefield during times of war. Assisting the nacoms were tupiles. They were special law enforcement persons. Below the tupiles was a special class known a s the ppolms, or merchants. They had their own God, and lived their own lives. More importantly, they did not have to pay taxes or give their services like the commoners did. However, they played a very important role in foreign affairs, and war, where they were frequently used as spies. The headman was in charge of organizing the work of the village and he made decisions concerning their agriculture. All the Tainos’ work was done communally where the commoners and slaves did the work which was supervised by the

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