Great Gatsby Bell Jar Analysis

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Comparison between the Great Gatsby and the Bell Jar For this essay I am going to compare The Great Gatsby to The Bell Jar, looking at the narratorial voice, the use of imagery and the message the author is trying to convey within their work. The small extract of The Great Gatsby I will be comparing to the Bell Jar is chapter three; the party scene where the author describes what happens before the party begins and what happens during it. The extract of the Bell Jar I will be comparing to the Great Gatsby is chapter one which is the scene where we first get a glimpse into the world of the main character; Esther. Within the Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald often uses elegant and beautiful imagery to paint a picture in the reader’s head of what he is describing. In the party scene Fitzgerald tries to keep a specific tone to the piece and prolong the sense that the party is constantly flowing by using words that create a feeling of movement such as ‘glide’ and ‘floating’. I think that the author does this…show more content…
Although it is clear that men still are the dominant sex, woman now have their own opinion and more freedom with their speech and bodies as a ‘great number of single girls’ choose to dance individually at the party to attract the attention of the men. Therefore I believe the message given by the author is that although there is a sense of freedom there is also an underlying feeling of disapproval which masks the occasion in some darkness even though the host has tried to keep it flowing and ‘in full swing’. In a simpler way I think that the message is that a party like this can be seen in two ways; a grand exciting occasion or just an excuse to be ‘bewitched’ by alcoholic beverages and the intoxicating disgraceful behaviour they
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