Comparison Between Mount Buffalo And Thredbo

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By Tom Jeffery Thousands of snow lovers flocked to the NSW snowy mountain ranges last weekend for the opening of the snow season. There were great level of snow cover in Mount Buffalo and Thredbo. Perisher had warmer weather there but the snow machine had been put on full swing to keep the snow falling. While the weekend was a great success for resort operators and the thousands of visitors, there were two toddlers that had to be treated by doctors from severe stomach upset. It was believed that both toddlers were from Canberra visiting Thredbo for a weekend trip. Apparently they got too excited as it was their first snow trip and unfortunately ate a lot of snow while making a snow man. Now snow may look very delicious and clean but a scientific paper published in Science reports that snow contains large quantities of Pseudomonas Syringae, a type of bacteria that causes diseases in tomato and bean plants. Scientists analyzed 20 samples of snow taken from various places around the world, including even remote places such as Montana, the Yukon and Antarctica. Bacteria levels were high in all the samples.…show more content…
Experts say there is not much cause for worry. The committee on infectious diseases of the American Academy of Pediatrics said children practically bathe in bacteria every time they are in the playground, and what they get from snow they also get all the time from dirt. All food is covered with bacteria, and people eat bacteria all the time, says a member of the committee on environmental health of the same pediatric academy. But most of the bacteria are killed in the stomach. For the most part, people are safe from the bacteria except for babies and toddlers on formula as they don’t have enough acid in their stomach to kill

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