Comparison Between LSD And Psilocybin

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Is there more to psychedelics than, turn on, tune in, drop out? After leaking from the laboratory, psychedelics were exploited for recreational use. Many people used these substances hoping to have spiritual experiences, but after widespread misuse, they became illegalized. With acid and other psychedelics closely associated with arising counterculture, they were quickly taboo. With the era of hippies and anti-psychedelics somewhat forgotten, the research of hallucinogens is quietly reemerging. In 1989, the Food and Drug Administration indicated they would approve well-calculated studies if they met established criteria. Finally, after many years, the banned drugs are slowly beginning to be researched and cautiously explored. Psilocybin, commonly found in…show more content…
Instead of a spiritual experience, the hope is to stop, prevent or relieve cluster headaches. LSD was originally created to treat migraine headaches and many people report that LSD and psilocybin have helped them with their cluster headaches. Obsessive-compulsive disorder is an extremely difficult diagnosis to treat. Very few people diagnosed with OCD find complete relief from intrusive thoughts and compulsive actions. The nine patients given psilocybin were unresponsive to medication and therapy. Dr. Moreno performed this experiment at the Johns Hopkins University Bayview Medical Center. Magic mushrooms greatly reduced their symptoms. Most medications take weeks to take effect and rarely decrease symptoms so significantly. The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies helps scientists obtain approval for, fund and conduct research of psychedelics and marijuana. The MAPs website has many resources, ranging from the modern research projects to what career to pursue if you wish to become a psychedelic researcher. You will also find a psychedelic bibliography, books, literature, art, a timeline and you can even volunteer for

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