Comparison Between 'Crane And Sniper'

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In war, you must always think before you do something that you will regret later on in life. By revealing each story’s conflicts and characters motivations authors Hwang Sunwon form the “Cranes” and Liam O’ Flahery from the “Sniper” both reveal theme that you should think before you act. Both “Crane” and “Sniper” have situations going on, For example in the “Cranes”, Songsam had to reunite with his child playmate friend or if he is going to complete his job assignment. In the “Sniper”, the Sniper had to know whether he going to kill the enemy sniper or if he is just going to watch what the armored car is doing. These stories have similar motivations because the stories take place during a war, and they either want to do their assignments or unites with others if they have to. In “Sniper”, the main character learns that he, must always watch what you’re doing before you regret what you did later on. When the Sniper went over the dead body and he looked and see that it was…show more content…
Therefore another theme for “Cranes” can be “friendship come before anything else”. I would say this the theme for the “Cranes” because Songsam got his playmate from they was a child out of danger. An evidence to support this is when Songsam told Tokchae to go and flush the cranes and he headed for the weeds to escape that means that Songsam put his friend over his duty. A next theme for the sniper would be “keep in touch with your friends and family” I choose this theme because if the Sniper was keeping in touch with his brother he would of seen that he was going to kill his brother instead of an
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