Comparison Between Burr And Hamilton In Founding Brothers

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In John Ellis’s Founding Brothers the duel between Burr and Hamilton was a crucial event in America’s history not only because of its outcome but the ideas and motives behind it. In the same way as history repeats itself, the duel was an early model of how conflicts in America would be resolved during the country‘s path to become a stable and strong entity. The reasons behind the duel and the ideas that were emanated by the duel were applied to every conflict America faced. The duel between Burr and Hamilton was significant because its principles were the basis for how the United States successfully grew into a country. A principle seen through the duel and can be seen in American history was the willingness to die for ideals and beliefs. Hamilton’s refusal to apologize to Burr, due to his “abiding conviction that his libels of Burr were all true,” conveyed his wish to rather die than denounce what he believed to be true (38). Both contestants were more preoccupied with justifying their reasons for dueling and putting their…show more content…
Burr and Hamilton both saw the duel as a way “to be regarded as part of such company” of honorable and virtuous leaders and redeem their failures and shortcomings in their political careers (47). The two men saw the duel as another obstacle in which they had to overcome in order for America to prosper because they thought it would show the people their integrity and character, despite the ironic but violent and barbaric nature of the duel. The universal wish to be remembered through history permeated American history: every individual, whether good or bad, wanted to be a part of something great and Burr and Hamilton were no exceptions. This duel was a profound example of individuals being permanently embedded in history. Burr and Hamilton’s showdown became legendary; the phrase, “The Duel” became interrelated with the two famous

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