Comparison Between Black Swan and Swan Lake

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Dante A. Zorrilla Professor Tsai English 1302 23 February 2013 Swans without Wings A beautiful princess trapped under a spell. During the day she is a white swan; during the night she returns to her human form, and in order to break this spell, she requires a pure and eternal love of a prince. It seems that is another fairy tale that is going to end up with a happy ending. The prince comes to rescue her and they live happily ever after. But what if it is not? The prince is tricked and he betrays the princess. The disappointed princess does not see another way out than death. The story went from being a fairy tale to a drama with a tragic end. Swan Lake seems to be a story that breaks the mold for its time; there is not always a happy ending. But most importantly, it is a fairy tale with a human end; a human end caused by the lack of conviction or lack of faith. Those very human characteristics will be very well represented in the movie Black Swan. Even though Swan Lake is in the context of Black Swan, this is not the main topic. Black Swan focuses more on human characteristics taken to theater from Swan Lake. They are two very different stories, but with the same problems and a fairly similar outcome. This essay will analyze the relationship between Swan Lake and Black Swan and demonstrate how the roles of the characters helps a lot to find the similarity of these two very different but similar stories at a time. In the beginning of the movie Black Swan, one can clearly relate Nina with Odette. The innocence, purity, delicacy and beauty of Nina were intentionally shown to identify her with the character of Swan Lake, but then everything becomes more complicated; there is no prince, no queen, not even an evil wizard. In this development of the characters, intended to represent not the same roles as the ones in Swan Lake, we can see the intention of the

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