Comparison Between Anne Sexton And Her LoverS Wife In For My Lover: Returning To His Wife

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Comparison between Anne Sexton and her lover’s wife in “For My Lover: Returning to His Wife” What will you do if you fall in love with a married man? What’s going to happen if you commit the affair with him even you know by your heart how much painful his wife is? Will you give up your relation between you and him for her? It is difficult to decide whether you will return your lover to his wife or not as the sense of moral comes to your mind. According to Anne Sexton, the poet of “For My Lover: Returning to His Wife demonstrates herself as the one who decides to end the relationship between her and her lover. She requests her lover to go back to his wife as she compares herself inferior to her lover’s wife making her lover realizes how important his wife is by using imagery, simile and metaphor. The poet uses simile in the poem by comparing herself to something inferior. She compares herself inferior to her lover’s wife. We can see it clearly that she makes a comparison to her status which is temporary like a “smoke” (11) easy to fade away. Moreover, “smoke” (11) gives the sense of something gloomy and lifeless as its color suggested. Not only she compares herself to a smoke, but she also presumes herself as a “littleneck clams out of season” (). This comparison suggests something as a surplus just like her who should not step in her lover’s life as he has already belonged to someone else. Her lover’s wife mentioned in the poem seems superior to the poet. Anne Sexton assumes her love’s wife like a cast-iron pot which is suggested something durable and permanent. She also supposes her lover’s wife more beautiful than her: She has always been there, my darling. She is in fact, exquisite. Fireworks in the dull middle of February and as real as a cast-iron pot. (5-8) Sexton urges her lover to think of his own children through the use of comparison. She
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