Comparison And Contrast Essay: Christopher Columbus

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Compare and Contrast Essay Christopher Columbus’s discoveries are a very controversial matter. Depending on different point of views from historians and readers, he is credited to be guilty for the massacre of many Native people, a famous explorer, as well as a very fake, religious man. All these reasons are examples of why Columbus is a very difficult character in history to tell the truth about because it comes from our opinions as well as our own interpretation of written documents and books. The difference between the three book excerpts is the different ways that Columbus was portrayed and identified; as a murderer, greedy explorer, and holy man. In the excerpt from People’s History of the United States, the author pinpoints a lot about the hostility and innocence of Indians and how the European Discovery ended up sabotaging their lives and forcing slavery upon on them. Columbus is aware of the actions he takes after part-taking in the welcoming of the foreigners, he sees potential to profit from the land. While persuading the…show more content…
These pioneers shared the same goals of Columbus, greed. They would go out and load ships with slaves, merchandise, spices and just about everything else that they could find to satisfy their needs. Beginning the of excerpt, “God, glory, and gold--not necessarily in that order--took post-Renaissance Europeans to parts of the globe they had never before seen” (1). This quote is a perfect example of religion also taking part in greedy necessities. During these arrival of European explorers, they began a new era of disease within the villages and caused the death of hundreds and hundreds of Natives. Although, they were not the only one to introduce disease and death, the Natives passed on death as
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