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Comparison of Core readings Kelly Charlton Ivy Tech Community College The main purpose of this paper was to shine a light on accepting the norm in life and just rolling with it; even though life has much more to offer. I did a comparative analysis which states the similar and different threads in “The Lesson” and “The Story of An Hour”, from two of the core readings. The stories spoke to me and really made me think. The audience for this paper is my classmates, instructor and any other person that in interested in reading more on what else life has to offer even through tough times. I feel in life you get what you put into it. No matter what the situation is or the hand you were dealt in life, I believe you have the sole power to change and move forward from your current situation. Everyone has their own challenges to overcome in life but if you’re determined you can do it. In the two short stories I recently read “The Lesson” and “The Story of An Hour” were just about that how life has much more to offer than what meets the eye. Life has much more to offer even trough tuff times. Living a life without having it fulfilled isn’t a life worth living. If you ever felt unsatisfied by not achieving your goals or no where you thought you would be in life you’re not alone. In the overwhelming comparison that Sylvia in “The Lesson” and Mrs. Mallard in “The Story of An Hour” experience uncertainty that both of their lives were that of dissatisfaction. Though from different worlds, Sylvia and Mrs. Mallard both experience hate, confusion, anger, and despair because of their positions in life. Sylvia and Mrs. Mallard have both experienced a life full of hardships. Mrs. Mallard feels unfamiliar with the wealth of what life could have been. She’s scrapping by with a glimpse of what she could have after learning of her husband’s death. Simply stating “free, free,

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