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Comparison of Editorials Module 1 Assignment 2 Debate 1 Set A: The moral line in medicine shifts once again, The Independent In this article, the parents had to make a decision for Ashley X to have multiple surgeries to make life comfortable for her and them. Ashley cannot walk, talk, swallow, hold her head up or roll over due to an illness called static encephalopathy. The premise is to make life more bearable for Ashley X and the parents as she gets older. The conclusion is so that the parents will still be able to give her the care as they have from day one, which will allow her still feel the love that she is already receiving. In my opinion, I think the parents made the right decision with the hysterectomy and removal of breast-buds. It might have been a tough decision, but the right one for the family. A convenient truth, The New York Times In this article, the parents were criticized about the surgeries that were performed on Ashley X as if they didn’t know what was best for their own child. While the parents feel that the surgeries will help with her dignity due to her state of development, critics see it as a violation. The critics seem to think that the parents made decisions just for their own benefit, but that’s not true. The decisions were made so that Ashley doesn’t have to bare any pain from menstrual cramps or discomfort from lying down or being strapped in her chair. Well, obviously she still in diapers, so why would they allow her to have periods. It sounds like they were thinking of the best interest in the child as well as themselves. References Lewis, J. (2007, January 6). The moral line in medicine shifts again. The Independent, p. 37. (ProQuest Document ID 311096455). Singer, P. (2007, January 26). A convenient truth

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