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Brandi Faulk World Literature Dr. Wong October 1, 2013 Literary Comparison It is often for one to compare several literary works. We compare readings in literature to fully understand them better. We can understand what is different about the two readings and what the similarities are. Once you have done this, it is easier to understand the author’s attitude, diction, and point of view and also get a sense of the imagery of the selection. I will be comparing Genesis and The Leiden Hymns. These two selections come from our ancient world readings. I chose these two readings because they have numerous things in common and I also could relate to the both of them. Genesis starts out with what takes place at the beginning of time on Earth. At this time, God is creating Earth and notices the darkness and he spoke in great, bold words “Let there be light.” Light soon appeared. The darkness he called night and the lightness he called morning. Next, he created the dry land and water, which he later declared was Sea and filed it with many fish and creatures. He filed the land with beautiful grass, plants and trees. After the land was fruitful, God blessed the earth with creatures and animals of all kind. God stood back and was really pleased with his creation. He completed Earth by the seventh day. He looked at all the land he created but noticed there was no human to tend to the soil. So from soil he made man and blew into the nostrils of him and life sparked. But God did not feel as though a human should be living alone, so he created a partner for the man. Thus a woman figure appeared in the flesh. God called her Eve. The selection mainly spoke of the creation of Earth, life and how God created it all within days. The Leiden Hymns is a group of poems that spoke of worshiping the Sun God. The Sun God was said to be the father of all other signs. This

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