Comparision essay on "The American Beauty" and "Good Will Hunting"

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“American Beauty” and “Good Will Hunting” are different movies. American Beauty is kind of reality show and Good Will Hunting is a movie which shares the theme of importance of relationship between parents and children. Failing this relationship can cause in separation of family, bad habits, loss of emotions towards human and might left behind in life. “American beauty” is the story of the Burnhams, a typical American family that lives in an upper middle class suburb in the state of Connecticut, perhaps an hour or two outside of New York City. Lester Burnham has a pretty wife and daughter, a nice house, and a fairly good paying career, but he is still extremely unhappy. He hates his job, he knows that both his wife and daughter have no respect for him, and he feels he is growing old way too fast. Carolyn Burnham is also unhappy, in part because she has a very hard time selling houses and in part because her marriage is horrible and her daughter seems to hate her. Finally, Jane Burnham has her own unhappiness, both because she hates her parents, and more disturbingly, because her best friend and her father seem like they want to sleep with each other. In short, the Burnhams are the classic dysfunctional family. “Good Will Hunting” is a story of 20 year old Will Hunting, Boston janitor who works cleaning classrooms at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the best and most famous universities in the world. He is an orphan who grew up in various foster homes, where he had been physically abused as a child. He is also an extraordinary mathematical genius with a photographic memory, who likes to solve math problems that an MIT professor writes on a hallway chalkboard. For the students, these problems are too difficult to solve, but for Will, they're easy! One day, Professor Lambeau sees Will writing the answer to a problem on the chalkboard, but Will runs

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