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Comparision Essay

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  • on February 18, 2011
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Indian   English   literature (IEL)   refers   to   the body   of   work   by writers   in
India who   write   in   the   English   language   and   whose   native   or   co-
native   language   could be   one   of   the   numerous   languages   of   India.   It
is   also   associated   with   the   works   of   members of   the   Indian   diaspora,
such   as [[V.S. Naipaul],   Kiran   Desai   and Salman   Rushdie,   who are of
Indian   descent.
IEL has a relatively recent history, it is only one and a half centuries old.
The first book written by an Indian in English was by Sake Dean Mahomet,
titled Travels of Dean Mahomet; Mahomet's travel narrative was published
in 1793 in England. In its early stages it was influenced by the Western art
form of the novel. Early Indian writers used English unadulterated by
Indian words to convey an experience which was essentially Indian.
Raja Rao's Kanthapura is Indian in terms of its storytelling qualities.
Rabindranath Tagore wrote in Bengali and English and was responsible for
the translations of his own work into English. Dhan Gopal Mukerji was the
first Indian author to win a literary award in the United States.
Nirad C. Chaudhuri, a writer of non-fiction, is best known for his .
The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian where he relates his life
experiences   and influences. P. Lal, a poet,   translator, publisher and
essayist, founded a press in the 1950s   for   Indian   English   writing,
Writers   Workshop. R.K. Narayan   is   a   writer who   contributed   over
many   decades   and   who   continued   to   write   till   his   death   recently.   He
was   discovered   by   Graham   Greene   in   the   sense   that   the latter   helped
him   find   a   publisher   in   England.   Graham   Greene   and   Narayan
remained   close   friends   till   the   end.   Similar   to Thomas Hardy's   Wessex,
Narayan   created   the   fictitious   town
of Malgudi   where   he   set   his   novels.   Some   criticise   Narayan   for   the
parochial,   detached   and   closed   world   that   he created   in...

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