Comparing Women In Sweat And Parker's Back

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Broken Men and Women Some women are natural born leaders and others cannot survive without a steady backbone to help support them. These two different types of women are displayed in these two stories Sweat and Parker’s Back. Same goes for men, some give women respect and some treat them like garbage. These two men are also displayed in these two stories. Just sit back, read, and see how the two stories unfold. The men in these two stories are total opposites. I believe Sykes is abusive and unfaithful to his wife Delia and does not care for her. I believe he treats her like garbage because he knows she will not retaliate. I also believe he beats her so he could feel more like a man and feel like he has all the power. Sykes has no shame in how he treats is wife Delia. I believe he shows no remorse because no one has ever said anything about it to him. He cheats on Delia and the thing that kills me is that she knows about it yet says…show more content…
However, they are actually quite similar. These two stories both end in the women being the winners and the men getting defeated. Throughout Sweat, I believe Delia being abused for so long made her stronger over a period of time. The biggest obstacle for her was the snake. I believe the snake symbolized freedom to Delia, a new life. Throughout this obstacle Delia was unharmed and did not budge. I believe she stood her ground to prove to Sykes that she is no fool. Just how Sykes believed the house to be his, Delia knew the house was hers. The snake who was supposed to be Delia’s demised turned around and bit Sykes in the neck. The ending to me just shows what goes around comes around. The thing that got me was he was calling her name afterwards for help. Yet, Delia did not move or budge. She did not go for help she just let Sykes die. It just goes back to want I stated earlier, that snake was Delia freedom and new

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