Comparing Two Sources Essay

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4a) Study sources A and B. Compare these sources as evidence for the appeals made to the electorate in the campaign leading to the General Election of 1945. Source A is based largely on the Public Priorities of 1945, it represents greater prosperity, welfare provision and Peace. At this time the war was won and the Germanys had surrendered in May 1945 which is the same month and year as Source A. As the war had just ended people were looking to a government who could relate with them and what the Labour government promised seemed to be ideal. The people saw Churchill as a great war time leader however he could not identify with what the everyday ordinary man needed plus, he had a hostility to socialism and around this time people were encouraging socialism. Both sources are election appeals and they both recognise Labours…show more content…
A theme in both sources is the who won them war, source A is very clear on saying the war was won by the people, 'not by any one man', where as the conservatives campaign was largely based on Churchill and how he won the war. Source A appeals to the general public more than B as it says the war was one by ordinary people which brings a sense of unity. A is political propaganda promising all the issues that needed to be dealt with, like employment and security. Of the sources Source A is more typical and reliable as the things said are what labour stand for and is a prepared written manifesto unlike source B which is a speech. Source A is intended to be repeatedly seen across the country and appeals to the general public insisting on working together through the hard times, addressing the social issues with solutions. Both sources are useful in showing why Labour won the Election especially source A reinforced by Source B's lack of appeal for the
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