Comparing Turkle and Sagan

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The Computer is changing the world? The dawning of the age of technology has influenced us, as a society, greatly. The way the average human calculates a multitude of information has changed, along with the way one plainly analyzes normal processes. What exactly has contributed to this change? The worlds technological advances, of course, but have these advances changed our planets in a good or negative way? The majority of earths population praises the advances made, others like Sherry Turkle, believe the opposite. The tools we use to think change the ways we think. Which tools exactly change the way we think? The earth started with a basic set of words and has advanced into our modern languages. The interpretation of the languages has changed radically over the past 500 years. Modern languages have changed along with the constant advancing technology. The ways in which everything is interpreted has begun to influence our lives. People can effectively convey ideas and express more abstract thoughts, compared to past generations. With that we are now in what is known as the Computer Age and are currently using a new language used just for computers. All written documents and books have been converted to this computer language for all to view. With a language conversion, comes product advancement. During the 1970s Harvard professors condemned the calculator stating students with calculators have lost their ability to do Back of Envelope calculations, and with that, an intuitive feel for the material. The calculator has been one upped by a new, faster piece of machinery, the computer. A memory based system with user friendly programming and many utility applications specified for higher learning. The past 30 years have influenced our world greatly, going from hand written papers with a multitude of errors to a typed errorless format. The computer has made our
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