Comparing Truth In The Crucible And The Tin Pot

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The notion of ‘ there are many different truths as there are tellers’ refers to the truth being an ideal that is shaped by the composer. The truth is complex, constructed and rarely simple due to its confusing nature of how it can be shaped and in itself not an entity. It is the different interpretation of recreating or retelling it which make a truth. Geoffrey Robertson’s autobiographical memoir The Justice Game, Nicholas Hynter’s recreation of Arthur Millers The Crucible and Raymond Briggs Picture book The Tin Pot foreign General and the Old Ion Women all represent their perspective to audiences, a version of ‘their’ truth through techniques such as authoritive persona, manipulation of language, satire and editing. Human rights activist…show more content…
The story charts the journey of Abigail and her group of friends as they are discovered dancing and in an attempt to avoid punishment they configure a falsehood, which is taken as a truth that they can see the devil and that, there are witches among them. The Bible is seen as the absolute truth in the town of Salem where it is set. Much of the movie is set in the Courtroom similarly to The Justice Game where the ‘tellers of the truth’ Abigail and her friends and the accused who are fighting for their life as they are up for the death penalty. The use of authoritive persona can also be seen by Abigail aligning herself in the eyes of others with the bible the book of ‘truth’ and God’s will where she gains power over society becoming virtually unassailable with her truth being absolute. Geoffrey Robertson similarly discusses in ‘Micheal X on Death Row’ how the government and courtroom can manipulate truth, which results in the allowing of the death penalty, and how the death penalty is brutal and horrific. Through careful editing such as short quick contrasts of close ups of the girls faces, music and lighting the audience comes to see how the truth has been constructed by the girls in the courtroom when Abigal confronts John Practor and Mary on of the girls in

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