Comparing The Political Views Of Patrick Henry And Thomas Jefferson

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During the development from colony to country, the strong religious and political beliefs were expressed through literature. It covered a very wide range of views; from very pessimistic views of the Puritans, to the inspiring revolutionary ideas that made our country what it is today. Nothing can better depict how diverse the infant nation was than the literature of that time. The radical ideas of Puritans show how easily people could be controlled by fear and religion. On the other hand, the political views of Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, women activists, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X show the urge to make the country free and bring equality to all people. The works that prorated the Puritan lifestyle reflected their belief that all human beings are inherently evil and cannot be saved from the depths of hell unless God came to you and interacted with you, which was rare. They lived in fear and believed that God punished them for reasons they can't fully explain. In my opinion…show more content…
I definitely agree with their beliefs more, the diplomatic way that they resolved the ample challenges they faced were astonishing. Through all that was stacked against them with determination and democracy they did what some to believed to be impossible. Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson were only two of the many who shaped this country with their great works. Jefferson's Declaration of Independence one of them which ultimately started the war with the British and gave us our freedom. There are also many works that led to the rights of women, which I also strongly agree with. And lastly there is the major contributions by King, Jr. and Malcolm X who fought for the rights of African Americans and equality to all. The works of that time can be argued as some of the greatest steps toward a new government and standard for all other nations to
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