Comparing The Melting Pot Of Diversity And Stereotypes In America

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America: The Melting Pot of Diversity and Stereotypes Hunt ETH/125 January 22, 2013 America: The Melting Pot of Diversity and Stereotypes America is the most diverse nation in the world. America also boasts some of the most diverse discrimination in the world. Some areas of America are diverse and accepting of almost anyone, many of the other areas are more segregated. So, how can all of America embrace the diversity that makes America great? Education is the key to bringing more people together. Many people are not aware of the struggles of being a minority in America. Many people look at their neighborhood and assume that is what America is. America just elected its first minority president, which shows the people are progressing…show more content…
We have a population of illegal immigrants that either need help or need to be sent back to their home country. America cannot continue to ignore this problem and think it may go away, because some of these people have whole families here, who have been here for a long time and this is now the place they call home. The American people often do not see the whole story. Many times we see the stories about illegal immigrants taking jobs and jumping fences, but we never hear about the cases of people who legally came here, then overstayed their work visa because they did not want to go back to a life they did not know anymore. My only issue with immigration and it is a big one, is different languages. I have always been a person who thinks the key to a great society is being able to communicate with each other. Sometimes I get frustrated easily when I go to the store and I cannot communicate with the person who is working at the store. Popular belief is that English is the language of America, but America has no official language, so I try to look at it from that perspective. I could do a little more to learn Spanish too, but I have taken up Greek, so my wife and I can speak another language while out and make our conversations more…show more content…
I grew up in a city where the neighborhood was very diverse. In school it seemed to be about 50% white and 50% minorities. My family was slightly better off than many of the families around us. We would have pool parties and everyone would show up from the neighborhood, because we were one of the few families that had a pool. My dad was friends with just about everybody and so we had such a great diverse upbringing. When my dad passed away and we moved from the city I was surprised by how little diversity was in my second middle school. Most people were white, a few minorities and they were targeted every day for harassment. The differences from city to suburbs is troubling. Sure our cities are diverse mostly, but the rest of the country remains very

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