Comparing The Juvenile Justice System And Rehabilitation

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March 24, 2013 Joyce Allman CJS/240 Anthony Randolph The Juvenile Justice System and Rehabilitation I propose that the Juvenile Justice System should adopt the focus of rehabilitation because it will aid in treating and healing juvenile offenders who commit crime so that as a result, they have better chances to become stable successful adults. If the Juvenile Justice System can properly rehabilitating juveniles it will in return create a decrease in adult crime rates that are statistically conducted in the future. If the right steps and proper measures are taken, juvenile delinquents can gain help as adolescents through rehabilitation instead of continuing a life of crime into adulthood. There is no one answer with respect…show more content…
One way they are doing that is by establishing programs suggested by the Balanced and Restorative Justice Model, a research project funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. The model offers programs and goals for communities trying to prevent juvenile delinquency and to efficiently rehabilitate youthful offenders. The model urges communities to teach juveniles who commit crimes that their greatest obligations are to their victims over and above the state. The model also emphasizes creating meaningful rehabilitative programs that provide each youth, upon leaving the juvenile justice system, with at least one meaningful way to earn a living. The model reminds communities that the best way to maintain safety is to both create meaningful sports or other programs of interest to at-risk juveniles and establish community groups and individuals willing to help monitor troubled…show more content…
Drug Court: When a juvenile goes before a drug court, he or she usually is required to undergo drug treatment and random, observed drug

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