Comparing the Essays of Nancy Gibb

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COMPARING ESSAYS OF NANCY GIBB The Robert B. Miller College English 310: Advanced Composition And Textual Analysis Lisa Livingston October 23, 2012 Too much of a good thing is not always a good thing; however, good things can come to those who wait. Nancy Gibbs authored two essays entitled, “Merry Hallowmas,” and “Queen of the Aisles.” In the essay “Merry Hallowmas,” Gibbs points out that society is becoming desensitized with the whole reason for holidays, in part due to the over commercialization of holidays themselves. With “Queen of the Aisles,” the whole concept of good things coming to those who wait means just that. The two essays contrast in the following ways; one speaks on holiday hustle and bustle, while the other essay points out the importance of slow and steady to achieve the outcome you desire. Holidays are being thrust upon society at a rapid rate. One holiday has hardly any time to end, before another one is being literally shoved down society’s throat. In “Merry Hallowmas,” Gibbs points out how society is ruining the reason we have holidays at all due to “clumping them together,” in turn holidays “lose their fizz and juice”. Too much of a good thing, is not always good, in that we are losing the meanings and traditions of why we celebrate these days at all. The holiday seasons go by in such a blur, that there is literally no time to stop, and enjoy the reasons for the season. “Queen of the Aisles,” on the other hand speaks on the concept of good things coming to those who wait. This is demonstrated by people who shop around for the better deal, as opposed to taking the first deal offered and running with it. People today are finding out that by playing it safe and being patient has its rewards. For example, Gibb writes about a scenario with a person and a potentially costly car repair and how that person saved themselves a few
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