Comparing The Book And Movie

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1. One very important scene that is portrayed in both the film and the book is when the tenants are kicked off their land. The main difference between the two depictions of this one event is that in the book you are given more in depth detail, the actual anguish and dismay of the tenants. In the movie you can see the tenants and visually understand the hardships these people must undergo. In the book you can actually feel for the tenants when they explain that “it’s [their] land. They measured it and broke it up. They were born on it…died on it.” (page 33) You can see how the tenants can’t even imagine living anywhere else. In the movie the exact same context is used but you can actually see the look of despair on their faces. In the end you still get the same framework as you would from reading, but you also get to see how it physically affects them. Also when the “owners” are telling the angry tenants that the bank or the “monster” owns the land and that there’s nothing they can do about it you can really see how much the owners don’t care about these farmers in the movie. You can see how it doesn’t phase them at all it’s just another day at the office, so to speak, but what they don’t realize is that…show more content…
Although you may not immediately notice this main scene that is omitted if you carefully read the novel and then watch the movie with an attentive eye, you realize that the Joad family and the Wilson don’t have the same meeting. This scene in the novel shows the true jenorosity of the Joad family especially Al and Tom Joad. Al offers “to get to her first thing in the morning” , her being the Wilson’s car, which Al was making his first priority. You also see in the book how Tom is willing to let the rest of his family and the Wilson’s to go on ahead to California, while and his brother stay behind and fix the car. If not for Ma that’s exactly what he would have done. This scene is removed from the movie and it takes away a good moment where Tom behaves
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