Comparing the Aged and Disabled

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Compare + contrast your group against one other group Aged/Disabled * Needs Health Aged | Disabled | * Deteriorates over time * High medication needs * May qualify for PBS due to high medication costs * Carers may be required | * Can deteriorate over time or may have high health needs for entire life * May also have high medication needs * More than likely to qualify for PBS * Employment/education can be very affected by poor health – time off depending on disability * Carers may be required | Housing Aged | Disabled | * Majority of aged still live in their own home but may need some modifications (ramps, railings etc.) * Nursing homes become an option as health deteriorates * Can become reliant on family (granny flat, moving in with family members) * Downsizing of home * Home security is an issue | * Depending on the disability, many disabled people will live at home with their family modifications (ramps, widening doorways etc. ) * Nursing homes may also be an option, more than likely to rely on family members * Home security can also be an issue as more immobile | Access to services Aged | Disabled | * May be physically unable to access services because of lack of mobility * Lack of knowledge of existence * Physical access to building may be difficult if there’s no modifications to the area * A decline in cognitive abilities may impact on their ability to act for themselves. * Not knowing that services exist may also affect access * Not being able to drive | * May also struggle accessing resources due to lack of mobility (wheelchairs, walking frames etc.) * Lack of knowledge of existence * Physical access to buildings also could be difficult * Fear and ignorance in the community * Not knowing that services exist * Also not being able to drive | Financial support
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