Comparing Romanticism In The Devil And Tom Walker

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Romanticism is really cool. With literature it deals with nature, psychology, the supernatural, freedom, emotions, and other neoclassical ideas. It’s a shame the stories given were tedious because they display characteristics of romanticism. Anyways, the authors of the two stories used said characteristics to develop the themes of their stories. My mission is to explain how by using examples from the text. Here goes nothing, seriously. The Devil and Tom Walker is the first story dealing with romanticism, I had reluctantly read. The beginning is a description of the setting. There’s a dark, gloomy swamp with immensely fat and ugly trees, and although it doesn’t sound attractive, the authors description makes it sound beautiful or enticing.…show more content…
The greed that people have is one of the themes in The Devil and Tom Walker. People are willing to wage just about anything to make quick, easy, money. Back then, not a lot of people had money so it was like a treasure everyone envied. Even though in today’s society we like to say, “Money isn’t everything” we all know it’s a great proportion of everything. If we start looking toward romantic and transcendentalist ideas maybe that will change though I highly doubt it. The theme of story number two is stupid, but what can you do? The author of Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment obviously thought being young was a drag. In my belief he was just an ornery, old man jealous of the spunky young people. Well, he’s dead now. Anyway, on a brighter note, today’s society still looks at young people as being naïve and crazy, but at least they don’t beat us for it like they did in the olden days. Now we’re aloud to roam free, with the exception of curfew and when express ourselves some people actually take our ideas into account. Romanticism inspires art, creativity, literature, music, and unique ideas. That’s why I don’t like, hate it even though those stories were so lame. In Conclusion, I hope I never get old and greedy like a republican. People should follow the ideas of transcendentalism and use romanticism in their creative forte, it will help make the world a better place or whatever it’s cool
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