Comparing Rahpel to Veronese

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Compare Raphael’s School of Athens to Veronese’s Christ in the House of Levi. Explain how each artist reflected the political and social environment of Rome and Venice during the Renaissance period. Use one example from Gardner’s Art through the Ages and one from the Internet. Raphael School of Athens is not a setting for school but for philosophers and scientists. In our text book it said that “Raphael depicted these luminaries, revered by Renaissance humanists, conversing and explaining their various theories and ideas”(Kleiner 464). While reading an article it was saying “In the School of Athens by Raphael, they seem to be debating their various philosophies in the search for truth. Centered in the composition and striding through a series of illustionistic arches are the philosophers Plato and Aristotle engaged in a lively dialogue on the source of wisdom or truth. Plato, Aristotle's teacher, points to the sky, arguing that wisdom comes from above, divinely inspired. Aristotle motions to the earth indicating that wisdom comes from empirical observation” ( The Christ in the house of Levi was painted with oil on canvas by Tintoretto. In our textbook it was “to have a dramatic scene to engage viewers was well in keeping with Counter-Reformation ideals (see “Religious Art in Counter-Reformation Italy,” page 474) and the Catholic Church’s belief in the didactic nature of religious art. (Kleiner 495)’. There was a lot of criticism from the Catholic Church. It was originally called the last supper. Kleiner. Gardner's Art Through the Ages: The Western Perspective, Volume II, 13th ed.. Wadsworth Publishing, 01/02/2009. .
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