Comparing Poems 'Migrant Hostel And 10 Mary Street'

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English essay: Fiona Mudie As humans we all have a desire to belong, to fit in and be accepted without question by the world surrounding us. Belonging is achieved by having an unseen connection and a sense of relationship with a person, group, society or place. We are all born with a longing to belong in our world, and this need intensifies as we grow older and face the unexpected challenges thrown our way, as belonging gives us a sense of security and the absence of this needed feeling will lead to an individual feeling isolated and disconnected from their surroundings. The poet Peter Skrzynecki explores and expresses the importance of having a connection with a place in his poems “Migrant Hostel” and “10 Mary Street”. They both express how having a sense of belonging or feeling as if you don’t belong to a certain place can shape and influence our individual identity. In the poem “Mirant Hostel” the writer describes the migrants experience while they lived in a migrant hostel when first arriving to Australia; this text explores a number of concepts that relate to both belonging and not belonging such as displacement, location, dislocation, culture and isolation. The poem begins with a rather miserable tone “No one kept count of the comings and goings” representing a lack of identity and indicating that the newcomers…show more content…
The family in the poem have created their own connection in their new residence in Australia. Their sense of belonging is exemplified through the routine they follow each day, the simile “Each morning shut the house like a well-oiled lock” reinforces the connection to the house and their daily routine. Despite the family feeling like they belong to their house on Mary street the quote “over that still too-narrow bridge” symbolizes the difficulties faced by the family in establishing a connection to the

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