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The two poems ‘’No problem’’ and ‘’Still I Rise’’ talks about how the racial abuse they get because of slavery. Both poets deliver a message about how proud of there image and the culture. I am going to start off talking about Angelou’s “Still I Rise”. ‘’Still I Rise’’ have a stronger view and more intensive as it is about the hardships that African Americans faced and how even thought they were abused and tossed aside, they rose from the ground they was thrown to. The language she used tells that she has a positive attitude and with using Standard English and not only for her but she tells on behalf of all black women’s. The way she expressed that is by using devices such as metaphors and similes as well as other literary devices to convey to the reader the depth of her sentiment in the poem. For similes she used like ‘’that I dance Like I’ve got diamonds’’ this quote shows that she is proud of her sexuality. There are also other similes she used like ‘’But still, Like dust, I’ll rise’’, ‘’Just like moons and like suns’’, ‘’Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells’’, ‘’Shoulders falling down like teardrops’’. These quotes show great comparison about her and this kind of comparison are very strong because it gives the readers of the ideas Angelou’s trying to show. For metaphors she uses quotes like ‘’trod me in the very dirt’’, ‘’shoot me with your words’’, ‘’cut me with your eyes’’, ‘’kill me with your hatefulness’’, ‘’huts of history’s shame’’. These metaphors she used designate one thing to designate another, thus making an implicit comparison which trying to indicate how the white people treat her. The other literacy devices she uses are repetition like for example ‘’you may’’, ‘’I rise’’, ‘’Just like’’. She uses this device to show aggressive feelings as she connects harsh words such as ‘’shoot’’, ‘’cut’’ and ‘’kill’’ so the reader can picture the event as

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