Comparing Piaget And Erikson's Theories

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Developmental Timeline Developmental Timeline Deny Crowder Grand Canyon University Module 1 September 20, 2009 This timeline will show the works of Lawrence Kohlberg , Jean Piaget’s, and Erikson’s theories on different developments from birth to adulthood. They have their degrees and the right time of studies to show what comes first and what comes last in these developments. Example of the different behavioral problems are:( ADHD ) Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder that is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Heredity and environment through ones genes they could inherit like eyes, height, etc. The environment that the child lives in and or around. You will see that these professors are very much alike in their theories. Emotional…show more content…
mistrust 1-3years Autonomy v. shame and doubt 3-5 years Initiative v. guilt 6-12 years Industry v. inferiority *Piaget’s Theory: 0-2 Sensorimotor Nonverbal, learning movements and sensory 2-7 Preoperational Think symbolically, use language 7-11concrete operational Understanding the concept of mass, weight, and Volume. Shape of objects change. *Kohlberg’s Theory: 0-5 years Punishment orientation - Obedience to power is to emphasized. (possible punishment or badness) Pleasure-seeking orientation- Not of loyalty, gratitude, or justice. (determined by ones needs) Good boy/good girl orientation- The emphasis is on being nice. (immediate group or bring approval) *Erikson’s
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