Comparing Odysseus and Aneas

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There are many theories as to when and where Homer wrote his epics. It is presumed that he lived during the Trojan War, maybe in an iconic settlement like Chios or Smryna. Many say that he might have been a court storyteller like Demodocus in the Odyssey. Unfortunately, not much of his life is known. Even these ideas are popular opinions. There is not enough conclusive evidence to say that Homer was definitely a man, and many opinions feel Homer was a woman. Another opinion is that his work is that of many writers. What we do know, is that he was a huge influence on Virgil, in his word The Aenid. Virgil(Publius Vergilius Maro) wrote the Aeneid between 1-0 BCE in Rome, what is believed to be northern Italy or Greece. The main purpose of this epic poem was to act as a propaganda for the Roman Empire and to show the divinity of the lineage of Octavius(Augustus) who was supposedly Virgil’s contemporary. The Aeneid owes a lot of its content to the Odyssey and shows many differences as well, mainly because of the different motivations of both characters. Aeneas is the subject of Virgil’s epic The Aeneid. Dr. Gwilym Jones divides Virgil’s work into what he calls the Odysseic and Iliadic halves. In the first half, Aeneas and his companions gather what is left of the ruins on Troy, and they sail around the Mediterranean in search of a land that they have been promised. They land, wage war with the inhabitants and triumph. A hero is a mortal who performs deeds remarkable enough to live on after his death and to become a criterion of excellence against which to judge one’s own life. Ancient heroes stand out in the crowd and exhibit characteristics that permit comparison with modern heroes. What makes Aeneas and Odysseus comparable is that they are both survivors, who plough on despite ultimate forms of deprivation. The unique aspect of Odysseus among other epic heroes is

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