Comparing Night 'And Jakob The Liar'

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Appalled is one word that can describe my initial reaction towards the cruelty presented in the autobiography Night by Eliezer Wiesel, and the films, “Jakob the Liar” and “The Last Days”. Though I had some previous knowledge about the Holocaust, my eyes were pried open to the horrific and despicable events that human beings did to other human beings. I honestly ask, ‘How could people do that to others?’ People in concentration camps had to aide in the murder of others, often friends or family; people were not given food or water; and people were treated like ‘lab rats’ and were used for sick experiments. Through the two films and the novel, I was educated about the cruelty that some people possess, and how some humans can still find the strength…show more content…
She explained that she, along with about six other young women, was locked in a dark, cold, gloomy dungeon for days. They had to stand in water to their ankles, and had no food or water, nor a place to go to the washroom. With no where to go and dying of thirst they had to resort to going to the washroom in the water that was on the floor as well as use that water as drinking water. When they were finally allowed out of the ‘dungeon’ they were blinded by the sunlight, as they had been in complete darkness for so long. Then as a part of Dr. Mengele’s eye experiment, they had drops of different chemicals put into their eyes. The doctor was trying to see if it was possible to chemically change the colour of the irises. To me, this is horrid, and I just can not believe that someone could do this to someone else. I can not mentally wrap my head around this topic and I feel angry toward those who made others suffer so much for no real reason. Their reasoning was the horrible event that occurred, the Holocaust, was simply that the Jewish people were worth nothing and they felt that they were worth everything. The events that occurred were total cruelty, and very

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