Comparing New York City's Central Park To Coney Island

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Gab Rudnitsky Amusing the Millions Essay The Turn of the Century After the civil war completely demolished the economic conditions throughout the United States, it was crucial for the citizens to work hard to bring them back to their prewar conditions; with all of this hard work brought stress. People were constantly busying around in the cities and going to work with little to no leisure time. In fact, there were not very many ways to spend their leisure time. Americans needed to find escapes from their everyday life in order to keep at least some of their sanity. New York City’s Central Park was their first attempt at an escape. Central Park was a manmade park that included all sorts of natural beauties that can be found outside of the city.…show more content…
Coney Island was an escape and a business opportunity for a multitude of people. John F. Kasson’s Amusing the Millions, proves that Coney Island reflected the emerging urban industrial society, the social structure was an extreme opposite to that of the city, and the dramatic change in culture that Coney Island enhanced. The drastic comparison of Central Park to Coney Island shows how much the two have affected America, one way more extremely than the other. The civil war left millions with nothing which lead to millions working harder than ever to get the economic conditions back to normal. The creators of Coney Island worked very hard to give the perfect experience to all of their customers. This includes employing the best engineers in order to have quality amusements for the people looking for escape. The goal of the creators was to give an experience that cannot be compared to anything they have ever experienced before; and they did just that. From the thrilling roller coasters to the magnificent art all around the amusement parks, the use of technology was used effectively to astound the viewers. According to John…show more content…
It was new and fun which is why it was so popular. Every attraction provided a new way to push limits and escape reality. From rides to interactions with complete strangers and freaks, the things customers experienced were not natural sensations. The rides were so thrilling they could have been considered dangerous. The happy crowd could not even compare to the city’s crowd because they are at such opposite extremes. They city was rude and grumpy because all they were doing was working whereas Coney Island’s crowd was happy, friendly and excited about what they would experience next. Unfortunately, some critics saw all of the craziness as a bad thing. The things that people face when on a visit to Coney Island could have been considered crude and almost disturbing. James Gibbons Huneker was the first to express his negative attitude towards Coney Island. He regarded it as “a disgrace to our civilization” and that “when you are at Coney you cast aside your hampering reason and become a plain lunatic” (96). What makes his review most interesting is that he thoroughly enjoyed his visit to Coney Island but was apparently astonished by the inappropriate behavior taking place. However, the critics that had a negative connotation towards Coney Island were not understanding that this was the point of it. People did not encounter the types of foolishness

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