Comparing Narcisuss And Lysandra

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Lysandra of “Lysandra’s Poem” by Budge Wilson, clearly contrasts Narcissus’ self-centered character of “The Face in the pool” written by Mary Pope Osborne. Lysandra is a strong ambitious girl that has wonderful dreams in the future. Narcissus wastes away his life worshipping his reflection in the “pool”. His self-love differs from Lysandra’s love for words. Although, she’s passionate about reading and writing, her poems reflect Narcissus’ selfish mentality. Narcissus falling “in love with his own reflection” proves his self- absorbedness. In the story “The Face in the Pool” he rejects Echo’s love by saying he’d “rather die” than let her love him. His egotistical manner emotionally hurt Echo, and lost himself an opportunity to love someone who would also love him back. He did not benefit himself or anyone. He spent most of his life, enslaved to his own beauty. Lysandra’s life at home is negative and degrading, although, she is a strong girl and allows herself to advance in life with positive goals. Her love for words and her dream to become an author allow her to progress in life. As her best friend, Elaine, takes away her dream of winning a poetry contest, she seeks revenge by stealing Elaine’s boyfriend. In this situation, Lysandra also becomes egotistical, and decides to emotionally hurt her friend, to regain her power to write. Identical to Narcissus, she was selfish and only cared about her own emotions in the situation of Elaine stealing her dream. Narcissus’ is held captive under his own “beauty” and lives life aimlessly. His loss of opportunity to love someone who loved him back, made his life unfruitful and meaningless. His life only consisted of self-adoration. Meanwhile, Lysandra’s life is filled with friendships, activities, and interests.

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