Comparing Motorcycles Essay

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Comparing Motorcycles ENG121: English Composition Donna Mitchell May 21, 2012 Todays discuss compares two well known motorcycles, Harley Davidson and Honda. I have broken this comparison into five categories: price, warranty, lubricants, tires, and ride ability. A good motorcycle should have an affordable price with a warranty and be cost effective to maintain. The first category we will discuss is the price between Harley Davidson and Honda motorcycles. Harley Davidson motorcycles are highly priced. They typically start at $10,000 up to $30,000, with many options that make it well worth the price. Honda motorcycles are lower in cost with a starting price of $7,000 up to $27,000. There are no options, so the price is unfair. The second category we will discuss is warranty. Harley Davidson motorcycles have a two year unlimited warranty, that covers drive trains, wheels, and tires. The warranty can also be renewed at the end of the original warranty’s ending date for a low cost. Honda motorcycles have a limited one year warranty, which covers only specific parts of the drive trains. The warranty cannot be renewed at any time. The third category we will discuss is drive trains lubrication. Harley Davidson motorcycles use only one specific lubricant, called Screaming Eagle Synthetic, which can be used in the engine as well as the transmission and the primary. With Honda motorcycles you must purchase three separate lubricants for the engine, transmission and the primary. The fourth category we will discuss is the manufactures’ tire ratings. Harley Davidson has a 20,000 mile tire rating and is suitable for passenger riding. They are all-weather tires and less expensive than standards tires. Honda has a 10,000 mile tire rating, suitable for only one rider, and are only good during dry weather. These tires can be very costly when replacing. When you take

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