Comparing Morality, Law, and Religion Essay

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Wk 1 Essay Lewis Beets ITT Tech Online EG468 Ethics Professor Emily Grime September 21, 2013 On June 20, 2013 the posted an article titled “Exodus International shuts Down: Christian Ministry Apologizes to LGBT Community and Halts Operations”. Exodus International, a large Christian ministry that claimed to offer a "cure" for homosexuality rescinds its stance of the issue of homosexuality after four years of affecting thousands of people in its movement. The closure comes less than a day after Exodus released a statement apologizing to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community for years of undue judgment, by the organization and from the Christian Church as a whole. This article is a great depiction of social morality at its best when it comes to remaining ethical despite a popular opinion or religious viewpoint. Social Morality concerns a human being in relation to other human beings (Kraseman, Thiroux); and so we see that the relation of the (Exodus Church) hinged on a context between law and religion without the human element. The sensitivity for the realities that are occurring in our world at this moment seems to be leaving out the human element; in response to the law and religious views that are expressed within our world culture. In the wake of a new generation of Christian believers it seems that morality, law, and religion is beginning to separate into a more socially driven movement and group dynamic. The world is shifting into a more collaborative and cross-cultural paradigm of thinking and sharing; that eliminates the outdated historical viewpoint of old; and so what worked 50 years doesn’t hold much weigh in this evolutionary shift of what I call “dangerous diplomats”. So, what we are looking at is the removal of old mindsets from off the scene and the advent of new laws, rules, and regulations that will change

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