Comparing Mine And Little Things By Raymond Carver

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Mine and Little Things by Raymond Carver Both “Mine” and “Little Things” are essentially the same story. Both were written by Raymond Carver. “Mind” was written in 1977. In 1981, Mr. Carver rewrote the story with some minor changes and renamed it “Little Things”. These small changes do make a difference though. I will describe both how the stories are the same and also how they differ. It’s these slight differences that make, in my opinion, the newer “Little Things” the better version of this story. I believe the genre for both stories would be considered gothic fiction. This is because they each have elements of both horror and romance. The romance is in the past however, as the couples relationship is now coming to an end. Mr. Carver also describes the setting as the end of winter or early spring, with snow melting and the water running off to make everything dirty. He also describes how it is both dark…show more content…
Carver made the relationship between the man and the woman seem colder and their argument over the baby more intense in “Mine”. An example of the coldness comes when the woman cries out that the man is hurting the baby and he doesn’t talk again after that point. This gives the impression that he doesn’t care that he could be hurting the baby. Another example that gives the impression he doesn’t care about hurting the baby is when Mr. Carver emphasized twice that he pulled back on the baby as the woman was trying to take him away from the man. An example of the argument being more intense comes when the woman cries “Sofofabitch!” With the words crammed together like that, it gives the impression that she is screaming it at the man. In “Little Things”, that line was changed to have the words spelled out with proper spacing. While it doesn’t make it a pleasant statement, it doesn’t come off as being screamed like it did in

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