Comparing Mama Mia to Phantom of the Opera

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Contrast and Comparison Essay What is a musical? The dictionary definition has it as anything that is set or accompanied with music. This is exactly what The Phantom of the Opera and Mama Mia are, two great examples of a musical. Contrary to popular belief of people who don’t have much knowledge on it, not all musicals are the same. In fact these two musicals are completely different from each other. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their similarities too. Phantom of the Opera is a classical musical that takes place in mainly in the 19th century in Paris, France and tells the story of a love triangle. The main character is Christine, she’s chosen to replace an opera’s lead singer after the lead singer refuses to work under the conditions that the Phantom gives every performer and owner. Christine was blessed with the Angel of Singing from her father when he passed away. The Phantom is smitten by her when he hears her sing. He decides he must make her his so he could keep her at the opera and be her private tutor. However, Christine falls for her childhood love Raoul. The Phantom was infuriated by this and destroys the whole opera house because if he couldn’t have her than no one else could. By the end of the movie, I was content with the way things had ended. I’m not a very big fan of musicals but I’ll make a rare exception for The Phantom of the Opera. Mama Mia is a musical that takes place more recently in the 20th century in Greece. It deals with a daughter curious of who her father is. The daughter, Sophie, is going to get married in a few days and wants her father to give her away for the wedding. The big problem here is that there are three different men that could potentially be her father. Mama Mia isn’t much of a love story, as it is just a musical with a background story. Other than the girl trying to find out who her biological father

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