Comparing King James And Sir Walter Raleigh's Roanoke Island

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King James: Like in the textbook he is the King of England who granted charters and wanted them to practice Christian religion. The story does not specifically tell about the places he charted, as in the book it does. From the story I gained the knowledge of knowing he used his religion to his advantage to help him with trade and to find allies. Sir Walter Raleigh: In both stories he is the person who discovered Roanoke Island. The story describes Roanoke in more depth detail about the climate, work and religion on the island. The book does not give as much detail or reasoning about the colony. This article taught me that the settlers were extremely lazy and did not want to work. Captain John Smith: He was the governor of Jamestown.…show more content…
It said he had died on the fifth day. He is not really described in depth at all so it would not be included in the text book. Richard Frethorne: He was a servant who was mostly concerned with the conditions of the work he had. He thought his life would end before he got freedom and wrote an emotional, deep letter to his parents. This could possibly have been included in the text book because it tells about a life of a servant and his hardships. Anthony Johnson: He was formerly known as “Antonio the Negro.” He changed his name when he became a landowner. He was a survivor of the Bennett plantation and had hope for freedom. He eventually bought his way out of servitude and had four children with Mary. Anthony would be able to fit the curriculum of the book because the book teaches students about the experiences that slaves went through and this is an example of one. Mary Johnson: She was formerly known as “Mary the Negro.” She had sailed to the New World, and soon became Antonio’s wife. She had raised four children with Anthony. She became independent with her family and husband and was living an ordinary English life even though they had dark skin. Mary would not fit into the text book because it is not specific enough about her life as a
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