Comparing John Locke's Second Treatise And Declaration Of Independence

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John Locke 1.) Seventeenth century philosopher whose writings on political theory had a profound influence on the American Constitution and the Declaration of Independence 2.) Two Treatise: Essay writing by Locke; People are sovereign; people have the ability to revoke the social contract; and to restrain the power of the executive or the legislature. 3.) His essay “Concerning Human Understanding” claims that people are born without ideas and all human knowledge is learned through experience. It is the basis for the English philosophy of empiricism. 4.) First treatise was a refutation off the theory of divine rights of kings and monarchs 5.) Second Treatise set out a theory of politics that found it way to US Law 6.) People are…show more content…
It urged American colonies to not only protest English Taxes but to declare Independence 4.) Elected to the Continental Congress in 1777 as Secreatry of the Committee of Foreign Affairs and was pressured to resign after publishing an article that contained confidential info about treaty negotiations with France 5.) Wrote Rights of Man which upheld the rights and dignity of common people 6.) Has claim to the title “Father of the American Revolution” because of Common Sense 7.) Famous quote: These are the times that try men’s souls 8.) Paine died in 1809 in NY, when his remains were transported to England they were lost and never recovered 9.) Facts: a) Born 1737 in England b) Dad was a Corset maker (Paines first profession) c) He was also a seaman, customs agent, preacher, teacher and
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