Comparing Jehovah's Witnesses And Arab Americans

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DeAcheca Wilson ETH125 September 21, 2015 Sarah Lange I am choosing to do this paper on Jehovah’s Witnesses and Arab Americans. I have chosen these two because both fascinate me in a lot of ways. Jehovah’s Witness were founded by Charles Taze Russell in the early 1872 in Alleghany, PA. According to to this day there are over six million practicing Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Jesus is God only direct creation that everything else was created by means of Christ, and the initial unassisted act of creation uniquely identifies Jesus as God “only begotten Son”. Jehovah Witnesses also believe that the bible is the only source of belief and rule of conduct. They…show more content…
Christians think that JW’s is spreading false word to the nation. Jehovah witnesses have contributed in disaster relief science World War II. They have organized relief events for people who have suffered the effects of war or natural disasters. In 2005, when hurricane Katrina happened, thousands of Jehovah witnesses from across the country helped reconstructs and rebuilt houses. Jehovah’s witnesses helped clean New Orleans and rebuild the Jehovah’s Witness website it states that five Jehovah’s witnesses showed up with chainsaws in Mississippi to help clear out trees for free. In the website it also states that in June 2001, when tropical storm Allison occurred in Houston, TX Jehovah witnesses quickly organized reliefs. Another article in the website stated that on September 11, 2001, after the attack in the twin towers, many people were welcomed into the Jehovah witnesses international headquarter office. Also ministers were allowed into ground zero to be with the workers. Many people thanked the Jehovah witnesses for their help. Jehovah witnesses were persecuted under the Nazi regime. The…show more content…
Arab Americans trace ancestry to any of the various waves of immigrants of the countries comprising the Arab World. Arab Americans and Muslim overlap each other but they distinct from each other. Majority of Arab Americans aren’t Muslims. Both Arab and American cultures could never agree on main points and have been a source of conflict through the history of the world. Arab culture often embraces Islam and they make use of the Arabic language. Arabs have various views regarding terrorism as a way to express their sovereignty. Arab Americans have contributed in the fields of labor, health, social justice, law, cultural awareness and community development by putting their own interest aside and working for the betterment of all. The terrorist attacks of September 11th not only brought Arabs to public attention, but also put them at risk and in danger of discrimination and prejudice. Still to this day discrimination is present throughout the U.S. many Arabs dress differently than do other Americans; their cuisine is drastically different and their traditions are different. All of this can lead to Americans being afraid of the unknown or unfamiliar. After 9/11 discrimination against Arab has been decreasing but the number violent crimes against them remains higher than even before 9/11. I look at Arab Americans differently now than before because not

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