Comparing Jefferson And Rasquo's Death

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Jefferson, a young man that was at the wrong place at the wrong time was being charged for murder. And while in the courtroom his defense attorney asks the jury to spare Jefferson’s life by implying it would be cruel to kill a man no more intelligent or moral than a hog. Because of him being black, and at wrong place at the wrong time, he had to suffer the consequences by being executed. We all know that we’re going to die, but the difference is being told, “Okay, its tomorrow at 10:00 am.” How do you react to that? To me it seems like an ultimate test of life. The thing that Jefferson’s death accomplishes that his life could not was that he showed the white community that he or any other black person, is not an animal, as they thought he was. His death also showed them that although he was classified as a hog, he was a dignified man. Jefferson’s death had an impact on many people such as Mr. Grant Wiggins. Wiggins was told to go up to the cell everyday to teach Jefferson how to be a man. But things were tough as Jefferson would not say a word to Wiggins and give him “I don’t care,” feedbacks. It came to a point when Wiggins couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to go away…show more content…
But with the help of Wiggins and the support from Miss Emma, he realized that he’s not a hog, but that he’s a man, and refuses to die like one. Just like the poem “If We Must Die,” by Claude McKay, it says, “If we must die – let it not be like hogs, Haunted and penned in an inglorious spot.” The inglorious spot from the poem is the jail cell that Jefferson was in till that day came. It wasn’t a glorious and exciting place to be before dying. “While round us bark the mad hungry dogs……” were the other inmates around Jefferson begging for something, whether it was money or
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