Comparing Heart Healthy Diets

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Abstract Although many do not find their health to be of importance until they have problems, health should not be ignored. What people consume can affect their health; for example, not eating right may put them at risk for having heart disease and poor blood circulation. These risks may lead to further complications like a heart attack or stroke. In America, heart disease is the number one killer and stoke are number three killer between Americans ( Diets such as the DASH diet ad Mediterranean diet were designed with the intent to help people have a lower risk of heart disease ad blood levels by lower the Low-density lipoprotein. Diets are designed as a guideline for individuals to get the best nutrients out of the foods they consume. It is also serves as rules for what to eat and what not to consume. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute developed the DASH diet, in order to help people with hypertension lower their blood pressure. The DASH diet has shown to lower blood pressure in as little as fourteen days ( DASH stands for, Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. The Diet is a plan with high fruits, vegetables, low/non-dairy products, and grains. The plan also includes small portions of fish, poultry, and red meats. This diet provides the person with very little amounts of saturated fats, cholesterol, total fat and sodium. On the other hand the diet provides an abundant amount of protein, fibers, and healthy nutrients like magnesium, potassium and calcium. The Mediterranean diet is one of the heart healthy diets, which combine a diet plan and Mediterranean-style of cooking. The Mediterranean diet is a combination of the basic foods such as fruit, vegetables, olive oil as the main source of fat, dairy products, fish and poultry (in low amounts), red meats consumed in low amounts, whole grains, and a moderate amount of

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