Comparing Gretzky And Crosby's The Great One?

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Who is “The Great One?” For many years, Canada’s own, Wayne Gretzky, has been considered the greatest player to ever play the fast paced game of hockey. Gretzky has made his name familiar in every National Hockey League (NHL) record book during his illustrious twenty one year career. Years of NHL play have come and gone and his name still sits triumphant amongst many. However, tables have been turning the last few years as Sydney Crosby, another young Canadian player, has stepped into the spotlight and taken the professional league by storm. Records have been set by both of these talented phenomenons, but who in the end will take the title of “The Great One,” young active Sydney Crosby or the retired hockey hero Wayne Gretzky? Both Gretzky and Crosby were considered hockey heroes and role models in their era. In comparison, both generations have seen immense change in the game of hockey itself. Both men shared many similarities that help explain the reason for their godly like status in the hockey society. Both players emerged into the Professional leagues at a very young age and immediately became much respected players within their clubs. For both, there was a single step between junior leagues and the professional league. Each immediately broke records early in their careers and continued to do so as their careers progressed. Gretzky and Crosby both developed their own style of play which was constantly critiqued by some, and studied and copied by many. Gretzky or “the Great One” was a smooth skating, Ontario born player who controlled the game whenever he stepped foot on the ice. Anyone who watched Gretzky concluded that he was one of the thinnest…show more content…
Off the ice, they are considered the poster boys and role models of their sport, as they portray themselves in public as responsible and respectable

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