Comparing Eisenhower's 'Common Sense Book Of Baby And Child Care'

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Truman/Eisenhower 38th Parallel- 38 degrees North Latitude which separated North and South Korea Benjamin Spock- wrote his book “Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care” Berlin Airlift- a 327 day operation in which U.S and British planes flew food and supplies into West Berlin after the Soviets blockaded the city in 1948 Blacklist- a list of about 500 actors, writers, producers, and directors who were not allowed to work on Hollywood films because of their alleged communist connections Bracero- Mexican laborer allowed to enter the United States to work for a limited period of time during World War II. Brinkmanship- the practice of threatening an enemy with massive military retaliation for any aggression Brown v. Board of Education…show more content…
The formal institution of SEATO was established on 19 February 1955 at a meeting of treaty partners in Bangkok, Thailand. Satellite nation- a country that is dominated politically and economically by another nation Servicemen’s Readjustment Act/ GI Bill Of Rights- helping ease veterans’ return to civilian life, passed by Congress Syngman Rhee- Syngman Rhee or Yi Seungman was the first president of South Korea. His presidency, from August 1948 to April 1960, remains controversial, affected by Cold War tensions on the Korean peninsula and elsewhere. The Rosenbergs- Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were minor activists in the American Communist Party. Thomas Dewey- Thomas Edmund Dewey was the 47th Governor of New York. In 1944 and 1948, he was the Republican candidate for President, but lost both times. Truman Doctrine- a U.S policy, announced by President Harry S. Truman in 1947, , of providing economic and military aid to free nations threatened by internal or external opponents. Warsaw Pact- a military alliance formed in 1955 by the Soviet Union and its Eastern European satellites.

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