Comparing 'Death of a Naturalist' to 'Blackberry Picking' Seamus Heaney

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Essay Question - 'Examine Heaneys poetic technique in two poems which deal with nature. You may look at imagery, language, tone, structure, verse form, rhythm and any other features you consider important.' Poems - 'Death Of A Naturalist' 'Blackberry Picking' The two poems that I will be examining in this essay are 'Death Of A Naturalist' and 'Blackberry Picking'. These poems are both written by Seamus Heaney. Both the poems also have several similarities regarding theme's, structures, language techniques and hidden ecological messages. Even though there are a number of similarities, there are also several differences between both poems. The first similatiry I found between both poems is the common reoccuring theme, the narrator's love of nature. In 'Death Of A Naturalist' the boys love of naure is shown towards natures creations, he loved going to the bog to find frog spawn 'every spring I would fill jampotfulls of the jellied specks to range on windowsills at home'. This could be the boys hobby and/or obsession. The love of nature occurs in 'Blackberry Picking' when the boy again annually, goes outside to harvest some blackberries in the same way that he collected the frog spawn 'Sent us out with milk-cans, pea tins, jam-pots'. Like the other quotation it's clearly stated that Heaney must be a simple man to harvest nature with anything he can get his hands on, also the objects that he uses to gather the blackberries and frog spawn are modern household objects, this in my opinion can be seen as a threat to nature, not only because it's capturing it, but also because these objects, after used, can end up destroying nature through pollution and landfill etc. Both of these quotations also represent greed, because both things happen only once a

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